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11th Annual ISAP International Exhibition

July 12-August 10, 2008 — Santa Cruz, California

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Juror's Statement

As always, it's with much anticipation and excitement that I first view the entire body of slides or entries of a competition. And it takes several viewings before the actual selection process begins and the timbre of the exhibition starts to take shape.

The selected pieces are then further studied and scrutinized for originality, for experimentation, for new ideas, and for revealing a different mind set. Making a unique statement often requires innovation, the breaking of some rules, and/or the rebuilding of techniques and methods. The artist has these prerogatives.

And I am pleased to find in this body of work a trend towards a universal content, a tendency towards the abstract rather than the personal or the cliché. I hope the viewers of the ISAP competition of 2008 will find many works to study, to question, and to enjoy.

Louise Cadillac, Juror
ISAP 2008

A Sample of Louise's Work:

Louise Cadillac



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