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11th Annual ISAP International Exhibition

July 12-August 10, 2008 — Santa Cruz, California

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Page Graeber

ISAP Award, $1000



Galway Cyclist
Jerry Smith

Fern Bowen Memorial Award, $150
sponsored by ISAP Founder,
Linda Gunn




Goodbye at the Station
Joe Ray Kelly

Ann Nalty Memorial Award, $150
sponsored by ISAP Founder,
Linda Gunn



Series II
Min Myar

The Robert Burridge Award, $250





Moving On
Ara Leities

ISEA Award for
"Most Experimental Painting", $200




Disco Mood
Denise Athanas

Windmill Easel Award, $1100




The Thinker
Vi Gassman

Black Horse Art Award, $1000




Once in a Blue Moon
Beverly Spitzer

H. K. Holbein Award, $1000




Low Tide
Tom Cardamone

Colorful Duo
Kally Harvard

Manet's Picnic
Mary Khosh

Circle Series - Harmony
Dusanka Kralj

Each artist received the

Jack Richeson Award, $250 each




Real Value Series 2
Sheila Grabarsky

Daler-Rowney Award, $500




Precarious Pear #1
Louisa Jacobs

M. Graham Award, $500




Winter Night
Rachel Hasson

Savoir-Faire Award, $500




Along the Canal
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum

Signature Canvas Award, $500




Point Lobos Pine
Greg Fetler

Redwood Cathedral
Greg Fetler


For these works,
Greg received the

Artgally Website Award
Valued at $250




Tolerance Dream
Larry Van Deusen

Golden Paints Award, $200




Glass Jelly
Jan Filarski

Jan Filarski


For these works,
Jan received the

Ampersand Art Award, $100




A View of the Arno
Jean Kalin

Jean Kalin


For these works,
Jean received the

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Award, $100




The Standoff
Christina Ramos

Jerry's Artarama Award, $100




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