14th Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition

July 1 - 31, 2011


Barbara Leites, Show Director

Betsy Dillard Stroud, Juror


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Show Juror

Betsy Dillard Stroud



Betsy Dillard Stroud, exhibtion juror



Betsy Dillard Stroud, AWS, D.F., NWS
Artist, Writer, Lecturer


Juror's Statement


It is always a mixed blessing to judge a show. It's like a love - hate relationship in which you love to see all the different approaches and creative endeavors of the artists, and you hate to reject anyone who has the bravado and/or bravura to enter a national or international show. It is equally daunting to select an exhibition from digital entries, as sometimes they do not reflect the image accurately.


You can sense texture, think you are seeing the right pigments, only to find in the award process that “things are not always what they seem.” What I do like about the adjudicating process is that it reflects the true American competitive spirit. It is good to compete. Good to get out into the ring and show your “stuff.”


As I write this, I have not yet judged the awards. My opinion from the images selected is that it will be an exciting and rewarding opportunity to single out those paintings that spoke the loudest, made the most impressive statements, and captivated me visually. I want that dialogue--that impressive dialogue between the painting and the viewer. Good painting is more than good technique. Good painting speaks reams about the painter. Good painting gives us a look inside the artist’s heart. And, like a good book, you’ll remember it for a long, long time. I appreciate so very much the opportunity to judge this exhibition, and I encourage us all to continue our circuitous journey of self- expression through our magical interaction with paint.


Betsy Dillard Stroud
Scottsdale, Arizona
May 22, 2011




Stroud is a signature member and Dolphin Fellow of the American Watercolor Society in New York and a signature member of the National Watercolor Society in California, the Rocky Mountain Watermedia Honor Society in Colorado, the Southwestern Watercolor Society (of which she is a former president) and a Royal Scorpion and life Member of the Arizona Watercolor Society.


A nationally acclaimed and award winning artist, Stroud is also a former art historian who received her M. A. in art history from the University of Virginia. Betsy Dillard Stroud is one of 28 artists from the entire United States who was invited to exhibit in Naijing, China in the International Exhibition of Watermedia Masters in November, 2007. Her paintings are in hundreds of collections worldwide.


She is the author of Painting from the Inside Out (North Light, 2002) and a Dutch edition of her book was published in Holland in 2005. Her most recent book on creativity, The Artist’s Muse: Unlock the Door for Your Creativity (also published by North Light), was released in December, 2006. She is also a professional magazine writer, and has written for major art magazines since 1987. Stroud served as the former Associate Editor of International Artist Magazine, and as contributing editor to Watercolor Magic, a magazine for which she wrote.



Juror's Workshop: 'Experiment in Ecstasy'


Intuitive and Spontaneous Painting with Phenomenal Artistic Results




"Abandon FEAR all ye who enter here."


"Don’t worry about producing a masterpiece. That way, you will."


"Don’t be attached to outcomes!"


We’ll work in mixed media: acrylics, gesso, and collage. We’ll stamp, layer, pour, draw with aquatics, water-soluable crayons, and pencils. We’ll do a relief painting and make our own collage paper. I’ll demo and you’ll watch. Then you’ll paint, and everybody will get different results.


We’ll work transparently, translucently, and opaquely. Sometimes we'll combine the three. We’ll talk about content, design, color, and experiment with different approaches, concepts, and techniques, emphasizing different ways of working with a variety of subject matter, from abstraction, landscape, and interiors to the figure.


If artists would like to stick with one theme, that's great. Each day will bring new information combining traditional wisdom with modern ways of looking at painting. We will work boldly and subtley. We’ll have critiques every day with everyone participating. COME WITH AN OPEN MIND.



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