15th Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition

July 12 - August 12, 2012



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The Juror


Katherine Chang Liu


Katherine Chang Liu
Artist, Teacher, Juror



Juror's Statement


As a painter who chose acrylic as my main medium, it is a pleasure and honor to serve in the function of this year’s juror for my fellow acrylic painters. Acrylic with polymer as the binder is an elastic paint. When I first worked with it, it truly was a love/hate relationship. Although it is very versatile, acrylic is however neither as seductive as watercolor, nor is it luscious like oil paint. It took a while for me to get used to it, now of course it is my medium of choice. Once familiar with it, the medium offers great capacity for various expressions and applications, the wide variety is evidenced by the wonderful paintings in this exhibit.


We didn’t have a large entry for this year’s show. I am not sure why that is, but I was very used to jury a show with about 800-1000 entries. So the 153 in total entry surprised me. This small entry gave the artists better odds than other shows, but it does not weaken the quality of the final exhibit.


I wish to quote Chuck Close here as a guideline which offers clarity for all of us:


“You will somehow have to come up with your own personal solutions to the problem that you have set for yourself because no one else’s answers are applicable. And I think that’s a really good way to get all those other voices out of your studio, all those other people who are sharing that space with you. I never wanted people to be in front of my work and be thinking about another artist.”


Congratulations to the award winners whose work would have stood out in any competition. To all artists who participated, thank you for the sharing of your work.



About the Juror


Katherine Chang Liu has been an invited juror for over 80 national, regional and statewide competitions including the National Watercolor Society, the Rocky Mountain National, Collage/Assemblage/ USA I and II, the California Open All Media, and the Adirondacks National. She has also served as an invited curator for galleries in Santa Fe, San Francisco and Santa Monica in recent years. Her own work has been exhibited internationally at the Invitational Contemporary International Watermedia Masters I and II in Nanjing, China; Art Copenhagen; The Chicago Navy Pier Show; The Los Angeles Art Fair; Art Paris and Art Miami; and in galleries and collections in Hong Kong, Finland, Denmark, France and the US. She is a featured artist in 35 books and the subject of 86 articles.



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