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1st ISAP Online International Open Exhibition

November 14, 2008 - February 1, 2009

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Juror: John Cogan



When asked by younger artists for advice, John Cogan says “paint what you know.” He follows that advice himself by painting the western landscapes he has loved since he was a boy.

John is probably best known as one of the 14 nationally known landscape artists invited in September, 1999 to paint the interior of the Grand Canyon from the bottom up. The artists spent eight days rafting through the Grand Canyon, painting their own unique vision of it.

The purpose of the trip, sponsored by the Grand Canyon Trust, was to increase the public awareness of its fragile environment. A show of the paintings produced was held at the Forbes Galleries in New York and San Francisco, the proceeds benefiting the Grand Canyon Trust.

John has been profiled in Southwest Art (October, 1989) and Art of the West (March/April, 1990 and September/October, 1995). His biography appears in Who’s Who in American Art and in the past several years, he has placed 12 paintings in the top 100 of the Arts for the Parks Competition, winning three top awards.

Learn more about John and view his magnificent landscapes at: http://www.johncogan.com.




It was a great pleasure, as well as an honor, to jury this show. After working in acrylics myself for nearly 30 years, I was delighted and surprised by some of the wonderful techniques and styles represented. Acrylic is truly a first class medium and I congratulate ALL of the entrants for their work. I liked every single piece.

However, I did have to limit the show and so I looked at each and every painting numerous times, evaluating the story it told me, the expertise of the painter, and the artistic value as well as a number of other criteria.

The final selection was not easy. But I believe the show represents an excellent collection of some of the best acrylic paintings in the world.

My thanks to the International Society of Acrylic Painters for giving me the opportunity to jury this show.

John Cogan



This is one example of John's work:

Bright Angel Morning

John Cogan










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