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1st ISAP Online International Open Exhibition

November 14, 2008 - January 1, 2009

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A Bird's Home Kesgen, Jenna Akish, Esther Kaleidoscope
Abstract 1 Hopewood, Muriel B
Aguave Hidalgo, Michael Barrer, Carole Proof Deconstructed
Air Plants Candelori, Clare Barth, Carolyn Untitled Tide
Ancient Horizon Heigh, Jan Bertrand, Carol Inexplicable
A Quiet Day on the May Pinto, Janice Blake, Shirley Texture in Transition
Autumn Oats Hair, Ann Borden, Karen Breaking Free
B Bucholtz, Elinore Golden Rule
Balancing Act #2 Grebos, Dorothy C
Boy with Watermelon Karlton, Mary Candelori, Clare Air Plants
Breaking Free Borden, Karen Charette, Maryse Sheherazade
Burst Lindall, Linda Christopher, Noreen Sundown
Butte Mountain Johnson, Mary Citrin, Ione Rain Dancer
Coleman, James Oak Grove
Carte Postale III Stanchfield, Nancy Cunningham, C. C. Earth Walk
Checkmate Staub, Carol D
Chickens Come Home... Turnbull, Atim Dahn, Sharyn Night Stroll
Coastal Dream View Stolz, Diane Davis, Pat To Market, To Market
D Dawes, Jenny Sandstone Clifface, Blue Mts.
Down to the Road Mabius, Cathy Drake, Linda Tivoli Alcove
Dream Walk II Wetzler, Dorothy E
Dr. Rocklet Wald, Rochelle Engle, Deborah Open
Early Morning Duty Houston, Doris Fetler, Gregory Eucalyptus by the Beach
Earth Walk Cunningham, C. C. Frye, Carol Wall Flowers
Electric Dream Wiesmann, Colleen G
Eucalyptus by the Beach Fetler, Gregory Gilmer, Judy Suitcase Series #4
Gishen, Diane Tribal Woman and Child
Family King, Anki Goldman, Ben View From Below
Floating Tulips Konopka, Annie Grandon, David Untitled
Grebos, Dorothy Balancing Act #2
Golden Rule Bucholtz, Elinore H
H   Hair, Ann Autumn Oats
Hanging Shobe, Diane "Danni" Harvard, Kally Out of the Background
I Hasson, Rachel Moonlit Village
Indian Chief Thornton, William Heigh, Jan Ancient Horizon
Indian Restaurant Jacobs, Jane Herbel, Carolyn Snowy Adobe
Inexplicable Bertrand, Carol Hermens, Donald Under Sea
J Hidalgo, Michael Aguave
January Wolf Moon Paul, Colette Hopewood, Muriel Abstract 1
Jinga Monkeys Khawaja, Fareeha Houston, Doris Early Morning Duty
Kaleidoscope Akish, Esther Jacobs, Jane Indian Restaurant
James, John Rise
Landscape Blue #3 Smyth, April Johnson, Mary Butte Mountain
Late Afternoon Marston, Sharon Jones, Jill Letting Go Was Easier...
La Vie en Rose King, Jean Jones, Pat West River Gull Pond
Leaf Peeper's Delight McCarthy, Nan K
Letting Go Was Easier... Jones, Jill Karlton, Mary Boy with Watermelon
Lone Birch Tree Klein, Dalas Kesgen, Jenna A Bird's Home
M Khawaja, Fareeha Jinga Monkeys
Meditation Sisneros, Jennefer King, Anki Family
Meeting of the Minds Marguiles, Anette King, Jean La Vie en Rose
Minty Mise Mambo Tsutsumi, Anri Klein, Dalas Lone Birch Tree
Moonlit Village Hasson, Rachel Kline, Anna My Papa Is Sleeping
Moored on Campbell River Lennox, Sharon Konopka, Annie Floating Tulips
My Papa Is Sleeping Kline, Anna Korotky, Yvonne Violet Splendor
Night Stroll Dahn, Sharyn Lee, Kara Two Palm Trees
O   Lennox, Sharon Moored on Campbell River
Oak Grove Coleman, James Lindall, Linda Burst
On Guard Steinbach, Yvonne L. Luka, Charlene Wasps
Open Engle, Deborah Luna, Lauren Urban Sunset
Out of the Background Harvard, Kally M
P   Mabius, Cathy Down to the Road
Pecos Ruin, 2008 Peters, Evelyn Marguiles, Anette Meeting of the Minds
Proof Deconstructed Barrer, Carole Marston, Sharon Late Afternoon
R McCarthy, Nan Leaf Peeper's Delight
Rain Dancer Citrin, Ione McIntyre, Barbara Talk To Me
Remembrance of Wines Past Ulrich, Bruce
Rise James, John Ohnemus, Pam South Wind
Sandstone Clifface, Blue Mts. Dawes, Jenny Paul, Colette January Wolf Moon
Sheherazade Charette, Maryse Perry, Nancy Wildflowers
Snowy Adobe Herbel, Carolyn Peters, Evelyn Pecos Ruin, 2008
South Wind Ohnemus, Pam Pierce, Victoria St. Francis
St. Francis Pierce, Victoria Pinto, Janice A Quiet Day on the May
Suitcase Series #4 Gilmer, Judy S
Sundown Christopher, Noreen Shobe, Diane "Danni" Hanging
Sunrise in Vermont Wirtanen, Kathleen Sisneros, Jennefer Meditation
Smyth, April Landscape Blue #3
Talk To Me McIntyre, Barbara Stanchfield, Nancy Carte Postale III
Texture in Transition Blake, Shirley Staub, Carol Checkmate
Tivoli Alcove Drake, Linda Steinbach, Yvonne L. On Guard
To Market, To Market Davis, Pat Stolz, Diane Coastal Dream View
Tranquility Ulrich, Beverly
Tribal Woman and Child Gishen, Diane Thornton, William Indian Chief
Turquoise Door Zobeck, Louis Tsutsumi, Anri Minty Mise Mambo
Two Palm Trees Lee, Kara Turnbull, Atim Chickens Come Home...
Under Sea Hermens, Donald Ulrich, Beverly Tranquility
Untitled Grandon, David Ulrich, Bruce Remembrance of Wines Past
Untitled Williams, Darrin A. W
Untitled Tide Barth, Carolyn Wald, Rochelle Dr. Rocklet
Urban Sunset Luna, Lauren Wetzler, Dorothy Dream Walk II
Wiesmann, Colleen Electric Dream
View From Below Goldman, Ben Williams, Darrin A. Untitled
Violet Splendor Korotky, Yvonne Wirtanen, Kathleen Sunrise in Vermont
Wall Flowers Frye, Carol Zobeck, Louis Turquoise Door
Wasps Luka, Charlene    
West River Gull Pond Jones, Pat    
Wildflowers Perry, Nancy    


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