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2nd Annual ISAP Online International Open Exhibition

November 1, 2009

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Juror's Page


Maxine Masterfield

Maxine Masterfield



It was a pleasure to jury the ISAP International Online Exhibition. The high quality of work submitted was impressive. I had a good variety of art work to choose from and while I tried to be objective, I realized that in jurying an exhibition, I had to rely on my own instinct in the final decision making process. Among the entries, I found strong designing, an understanding of the medium, and an endless variety of styles. All were imaginative. Many had messages, and isn't that what art is all about? Thankyou for having me as your juror. It was fun!

Maxine Masterfield


My art is about working with the surface of the earth. My themes are the natural materials created from nature's processes. It is about stones, shellgrains of sand, and the world as I find it. "In painting there is a losing of oneself, there's a reaching for something, there is a discovery that begins happening over and over again."


We have been fortunate to have Maxine Masterfield as juror of this show. She is a world-class experimental artist who works in a variety of media, including unexpected materials like plastics and cellophane. (See her work online here.) Maxine's subjects are inspired by Nature, as you can see in these samples of her work:


36" x 60", Metal Craft, MM


Sea Blooms Kentucky

22" x 48", MM




A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and a resident of Sarasota, Florida since 1987, Maxine is an active member of the American Watercolor Society, the Florida Watercolor Society, and the Kentucky Watercolor Society, and she is advisor to the Society of Experimental Artists.

An internationally-known artist and teacher, Maxine has conducted over 300 water-media workshops throughout Canada, Australia, and the United States. This year she will also be juror for the Western Colorado Watercolor Society's Annual National Exhibition, Grand Junction, Co.



Maxine is the author of two books, Painting the Spirit of Nature and In Harmony with Nature. These titles can be found online at Amazon.com, Alibris.com, and other locations, including art supply dealers.

In Harmony With Nature


Painting the Spirit of Nature


In Harmony With Nature


Painting the Spirit of Nature

Maxine's newest video is Painting with Maxine Masterfield, six demonstrations in experimental water-media (35 minutes). To order, send a check or money order for $32.00 (includes shipping) to the address below.

Maxine Masterfield Studio 3
5075 Robinsong Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34233

Phone: 941-926-8239



Maxine conducts workshops in Experimental Painting at her studio on Siesta Key, Florida. Classes are limited to four students. The classes will consist of methods found in both of her books and her video. For advanced students, a new method recently developed will be taught.

Details can be found on her website. Click here. You can also call (941-928-3341)
or email (click here).

Maxine's Studio

The inviting entrance to Maxine's studio


Critique of the Work

The class reviews a student's work


Working with Acrylic

Instruction in painting with acrylic



For contact information and for further insight into Maxine's art and teaching,
please visit her website:


A gallery of her paintings can be found at this website:



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