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3rd Annual ISAP Signature Members Online Show


June 1, 2010



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Welcome to the 2010 Signature Members Show!



A selection from the 50 entries to the show.



This year's Signature Members Show offered 3 top prizes, 3 merchandise prizes, and 1 free subscription

to The Artist. There were 51 entries.


The following listings are arranged according to the letter-by-letter alphabetization scheme.
Each title is linked to the associated "gallery" image for detailed viewing.


To explore all the images, visit the thumbnails on pages 1-5 – using the links above – or start at
the beginning by clicking on "Gallery" and viewing the paintings in sequence.





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Adirondack Trees Weber, Hank Alexandra, Allison Transcendent Dream
Airing Laundry Girard, Theresa Ann, Carol Sleepwalk
A New Twist Blake, Shirley Wilson Athenas, Denise Opus III
Art in the Park Citrin, Ione B
At the Start Dahn, Sharyn Beck, Jacqui By the Boat
B Bissett, Robert Zodiac Under Sail
Bohemian in Batik Kenyon, Barbara Gene Blake, Shirley Wilson A New Twist
Burning in Water... Glenn, David Burch, Lynda Soaring
By the Boat Beck, Jacqui C
C Cairns, Pat On Himmel Street
Clarity No. 3 Kloosterboer, Lorena Chakamian, Sheri Owning Yourself
Claudette Filarski, Jan Chupack, Jeanette Dressed in Indigo
D Citrin, Ione Art in the Park
Deep in the Forest Staub, Carol Crain, Ann H. Gusto No. 6
Dream Focus Gross, Marilyn D
Dressed in Indigo Chupack, Jeanette Dahn, Sharyn At the Start
Ecstasy in Blue Walker, Sharyne E. Filarski, Jan Claudette
F Frye, Carol Jezzersized
Fantasy Garden 2 Grabarsky, Sheila Fullerton-Samsel, Carol The Grin
First Cast Widener, Terry G
Flowers and Café Nakamoto, Kyoto Girard, Theresa Airing Laundry
Fossil Design with Pears Jacobs, Louisa Wallace Glenn, David Burning in Water...
From Where I Am Grow, Lana Goldman, Ken Idleness Is...
Full of Possibilities von Isser, Elizabeth Grabarsky, Sheila Fantasy Garden 2
G Greene, Richard Summer Creek
Give Me a Boot Rudolf, Shirley Gross, Marilyn Dream Focus
Gusto No. 6 Crain, Ann H. Grow, Lana From Where I Am
Idleness Is... Goldman, Ken Jacobs, Louisa Wallace Fossil Design with Pears
Inside, Outside No. 2 Maringas, Lana K
It’s Hip 2B Square McCourt, Suzanne Kenyon, Barbara Gene Bohemian in Batik
J Kloosterboer, Lorena Clarity No. 3
Jezzersized Frye, Carol Kralj, Dusanka Submerged
Midnight Duel Males, Joe Leites, Ara Oh Those Legs II
Morning Glory Zobeck, Louis M
Morning Light McCarthy, Nan Males, Joe Midnight Duel
O Maringas, Lana Inside, Outside No. 2
October Evening Ohnemus, Pam McAuliffe, Michael Yuba Runoff
Oh Those Legs II Leites, Ara McCarthy, Nan Morning Light
On Himmel Street Cairns, Pat McCourt, Suzanne It’s Hip 2B Square
Opus III Athenas, Denise McCreadie, Liz Rockie
Owning Yourself Chakamian, Sheri N
R Nakamoto, Kyoto Flowers and Café
Releasing Love 2 Schlouch, Deborah O
Rockie McCreadie, Liz Ohnemus, Pam October Evening
Sleepwalk Ann, Carol Peters, Evelyn Where the Earth Meets...
Soaring Burch, Lynda Pierce, Victoria Squares
Squares Pierce, Victoria R
Submerged Kralj, Dusanka Rudolf, Shirley Give Me a Boot
Summer Creek Greene, Richard S
T Schlouch, Deborah Releasing Love 2
The Festival Song... Tsutsumi, Anri Spitzer, Beverly The Percussionist
The Grin Fullerton-Samsel, Carol Staub, Carol Deep in the Forest
The Percussionist Spitzer, Beverly Strouse, Warren Web of Life
Transcendent Dream Alexandra, Allison T
U Tchikovani, Vera White Thread #1
Unity Tyson, Suzanne Tsutsumi, Anri The Festival Song...
W Tyson, Suzanne Unity
Web of Life Strouse, Warren V
Where the Earth Meets... Peters, Evelyn von Isser, Elizabeth Full of Possibilities
White Thread #1 Tchikovani, Vera W
Y Walker, Sharyne E. Ecstasy in Blue
Yuba Runoff McAuliffe, Michael Weber, Hank Adirondack Trees
Z Widener, Terry First Cast
Zodiac Under Sail Bissett, Robert Z
    Zobeck, Louis Morning Glory



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