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6th Annual ISAP/NAPA-USA International Open Exhibition

August 23 - September 7, 2002 — Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Archival materials for this show are limited, but please enjoy
the presentation we are able to offer here!


Juror: Mary Alice Braukman



I want to thank NAPA-USA for giving me the opportunity to jury the Association's Sixth International Exhibition. All the submissions, whether realistic or abstract, showed high professional standards. In making my selections, I sought works that both displayed technical skill and went beyond the mechanics of technique. I looked for quality, craftsmanship, strong design, and good composition. In choosing works for a well-balanced exhibition, I looked for those displaying the artist's personal visual statement. I believe the show is made up of paintings that demonstrate knowledge and confidence in the handling of mixed water media.

My thanks to all the artists who shared their paintings with me. Thanks to Linda Gunn, the NAPA Board of Directors, and the many NAPA volunteers. And a special thanks to Exhibition Director Gerry Willging for the professional manner in which she sent me the slides for jurying; this simplified my job and made the task most enjoyable.

I look forward to seeing the paintings in person and selecting the awards. It has been an honor to jury, and it will be an honor to judge, the exhibition.

Mary Alice Braukman, NWS, NAPA
St. Petersburg, Florida




Santa Fe

Victoria Pierce

(formerly NAPA-USA)



The Dipper

Albino Hinojosa
Holbein Merchandixe Award



The Games People Play

Toby R. Klein
Daler-Rowney Award



Red/Black #1

Joy Neri
C2F Merchandise Award




Pat San Soucie
M. Graham Merchandise Award



Mountain Storm

William Crosby
Savoir-Faire Award




Edna Casman
Savoir-Faire Award



Cross Over Golondrinas

Charles Harrington
Artist's Magazine Award




Fran Mayfield
Col Art Merchandise Award



Flight of Fancy

Jackie Myers
St. Cuthbert's Mill (Art Papers) Award



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Clearly, a good time was had by all, as indicated by the following snapshots:


Upper left: The exterior of the Segreto Gallery is modest, like the majority of buildings in Santa Fe, and displays the characteristic appearance of traditional adobe and turquoise-blue woodwork;
Lower left: The soft and soothing interior of the Gallery;
Center: Dr. Ric Willging graced the company with a performance on the bagpipes;
Right: Luncheon in the courtyard provided a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for enjoyable fellowship.



Left: Albino Hinojosa, whose painting, The Dipper, received the Holbein merchandise award;
Second to left: Dorothy Ringer stands with her painting, Celebration!
Upper right: Evelyn Peters, Linda Gunn, Mr. Braukman, and Gerald Brommer (l. to r.) share a jovial moment;
Lower right: Victoria Pierce (l.) and Linda Gunn (r.) join the juror, Mary Alice Braukman (center).

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The Exhibition was hung at the Segreto Gallery of Santa Fe;
be sure to stop by when visiting Santa Fe.
The Gallery is situated behind the Church of San Miguel, the oldest church
in the United States - as the country is presently constituted, that is!



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