6th Annual ISAP Signature Members Online Show

November 2013


Ara Leites, Show Director



The Juror


Robert Burridge


Robert Burridge




Show Contents




Juror's Statement


Serious artists are full of opinions and personal viewpoints. it’s that simple. The opinions, however have been developed over time in the studio, art exposure, and their “time in the trenches” making their own art. I respect all artists who have made the commitment to be a dedicated artist. You can’t be “half a painter.” I realized that my opinions were going to affect many, hard working artists. Some would get accepted and some would not. I too am a full time artist and my daily work and committed career also depends on others’ opinions. It comes with the business of being a full time painter. I feel a responsibility to them and take my privileged position as a juror very seriously.


So, as an artist and a juror, I respond to other artists’ work instinctively. I tend not to have a preconceived vision of what I’m looking for, but rather to keep an open mind, as if I were an explorer anticipating the unknown. My options are to make comparisons based on the paintings that are in front of me, all the while looking for newness and surprises, and what I call, The WOW! factor. These pieces of are usually full of originality and passion. I search for high craftsmanship and maturity, I react to artists who project confidence in their work, conviction to their own art messages and their artistic energy. Their paintings jump out and grab me.


One of the perks I get is knowing that the top finalists may be awarded with cash or additional art materials. Plus, the notoriety looks good on their resumes!


After concluding jurying this exhibition, I am surprised that I had selected both cutting-edge pieces along with traditionally executed pieces. For me, the consistent through-line however was each artist’s personal commitment and involvement in developing their own art. Their art simply said “Look at me!” The ones that are new and fresh always get my attention. The subject matter may be the same old thing, but if the artist brings individual newness to the art, I notice and remember it.


When jurying an exhibit, I look for artists who are not showing me the same old stuff, or a repeated generation of someone else’s art. I search for artists who project their developed skills and passion in their artwork. After all, it was Beethoven who screamed at one of his pupils, “It’s not the technique that matters. It’s the passion!”


Artist Index



Sponsor Award

Allison AlexandraPescadero Beach
Christine AlferyThe Spirit Of Water
Denise AthanasUmderwater Illusions


*Merchandise $100

Livia AyalRemembrances of Times Past
Oksana BaumertMount Tamalpais
Elise BeattieNashville Glass
Jacqui BeckBeside the Ancient Walls

Jack Richeson & Co

*Merchansdise $100

K.W. BellWild Life Refuge
Shirley BlakeI Feel Happy 1st Place $500
Mandy BudanStanding Room Only
CC BurnettResistance or Susceptibility
Pat CairnsCiudado
Kay Kok Chung OiSailing
Melody ClearyRipples 2

Cheap Joe's

*Merchandise $140

Elizabeth ConcannonCreating Borders
Preston CraigMurder by Gaslamp
Ann CrainSensation

Jerry's Artarama

*Merchandise $100

Linda CurtisLotus Garden Cambodia
Sharyn DahnRed Sails
Rick J DelantyHorseshoe Falls Best of Show $600
Kerry DiddayPlayground
Chris DomanskiFolis Motus
Joan DorrillFlotsam
Anne DrewryEpicenter
Carolyn DubuqueAnother Beginning
Kathy ElliottPitta
Kathleen ElseyTrails End Rio Grande Gorge
Mary FolksFrogys Letters
JG FreedmanGoing Ashore
Donna FullerBedouin Chieftain
Jaclyn GarlockI Bought You A Brand New Mustang Bout 1965 3rd Place $300
Linda Lee GimbyUndercurrents
Theresa GirardWarm Ice
Ben GoldmanFilmed
Ken GoldmanJacobs Journey and Resolution
Sheila GrabarskyFantasy Garden 13
Page GraeberSea Spirit
Mel GrunauCity Lights
Tom HeflinNative 8
Gerard HuberReflections I
Louisa Wallace JacobsRed Raven with Pears
Danie JanovBe Still and Know
Jean KalinFlower Power
Joe Ray KelleyHealth Care on the Reservation
Lorena KloosterboerDeliciae II
Yvonne KorotkyGladiolus Abstract
Jessica KovanGallery of Broken Hearts
Kathleen LandrethPensive

Robert Burridge

$150 cash

Kara LeeRed Bike on Canyon Road
Ara LeitesStill Life
Belinda LimaSharing Secrets
Lana MaringasAnd She Wants To Take Me To The Milky Way
Nancy MatusLees Ferry Colorado River
Nan McCarthyAll Decked Out
Suzanne McCourtGo With The Flow
Rich MoyersDELOS
William S NelsonDawns Early Light
Mari O'BrienCreation Story
Pamela OhnemusWetland
Frank OlivaCosmic Trail
Paula PapponiMoonglow
Colette PaulRaven Ridge
Evelyn PetersWinter Sunset 18x24 Acrylic on Textured Masonite.jpg
Victoria PierceOro Puesta de Sol
Charles PiferDots Dance
Isabella PizzanoMessage
Janice PlumaThrough the Ozone
Janet PriceA Horse for Chagall
Kathleen RiceTwenty First Century Identity Crisis
Shirley RudolfRed Poppy
Andy RussellHidden Harbor
Jason SacranFull Orange 5AM
Jean SeymourInside Out

Creative Catalyst Productions

$30-$45 one video/dvd

Marcia ShellyBologna
Dan SimoneauCarpe Noctem


*Merchandise $100

Ed SmileyLoud Garden
Vita Sorrentino91 Zen Garden 4th Place $200
Carol StaubEnvironmental Series No16
Diane StolzFall Beauties
Dorothy StonelyAnd The Wind Sang
Vera TchikovaniWindsong
Jane TracyWhat Matters Most
Anri TsutsumiThe Red House Over Yonder
Bonese TurnerIn The Beginning 37
Martha WakefieldSLIP No 2 2nd Place $400
Earl Weydahl JrWater and Word
Marti WhiteApertures XV
Ralph WhiteZap
Terry WidenerThe Lesson
Patricia WoolleyStarfish
Mary WyattLady in Waiting
Nancy YakiSalute to Salt Creek
Karen YeeThis Is Not An Owl
Louis ZobeckAfter the Rain
Jeanne de Campos RousseauSan Francisco Night Scenes Series 5 Blue Light Ambiance
Elizabeth von IsserDid You Hear The Sunrise

*Usually awarded as a Merchandise Certificate.


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