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7th Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition

September 7 - November 9, 2003 — Cornell Museum, Del Ray Beach, Florida


The presentation given here is fragmentary since archival materials are limited.
If you have materials relevant to this Exhibition (snapshots, color images in place of black-and-white,
newspaper articles and reviews, and so on), please contact Evelyn Peters, Society Historian,
to discuss what you wish to share with this website: contact@isap-online.com


Juror: Gerald Brommer



What a wonderful day I just completed!! I had the privilege of spending it with all the artists who entered this NAPA exhibition – through their excellent work. Thanks to all the artists who submitted work for the show, because through your images I got to know you – as you shared yourselves with me for the day.

There is great diversity in NAPA [this show was the last prior to the transition from NAPA-USA to ISAP], and it shows in the variety of subjects chosen, the techniques employed, and the styles each artist has used from trompe l'oeil to abstract expressionism. Technically, the show is first rate – I had a difficult time selecting the ten top images in order to give them awards. It seems that way each year: The show is stronger than the previous exhibition. That is a very healthy indication of steady individual growth. I especially like the emphasis on content and personal expression that many artists were able to communicate.

My day and my life were enriched because of the time I spent selecting the slides. And I thank you again for that, and for sharing yourselves with me for the day. Congratulations to all who entered the show; further congratulations to those whose work was selected to represent NAPA; and special kudos to those whose outstanding work was selected to win an award.

I hope that viewers who see the exhibition will enjoy it as much as I did in selecting the images. Listen carefully to what these accomplished artists are telling us in their work. It is only through study that we can read the visual messages the artsts are sharing with us. And they have done it very well.



Sheila Grodsky: The Vigil — NAPA-USA First Place Award: $1000

Judith B. Dazzio: Hollow — Holbein Merchandise Award: $1000

William Crosby: Abyss — Daler-Rowney: $1000

Filomena Booth: Earth in the Balance — Savor-Faire Merchandise Award: $1000

Carolyn Barth: Raising Cane — Connoisseur Brush Merchandise Award: $1000

Misty Martin: Dragons, Bubbles, and Banners — M. Graham Merchandise Award: $1000

William A. Motta: Phil's Great Ride — Cheap Joe's Art Supply Merchandise Award: $1000

Steven M. Leahy — Artist Magazine Award: $250

Misty Martin: Time and Texas Stone — Cheap Joe's Art Supply Gift Certificate: $200

Lorraine Strieby: Clarinet Blues — Golden Paint Award: $200

Charles Harrington: Chili Ristras — Dakota Brushes Merchandise Award: $200

Joan Skagsburg Sanders: Four Women, One Spirit — International Magazine Award
















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