7th Annual ISAP International Open Online Show

December 1, 2015 - April 20, 2016


Kate Burridge, Show Director




Stephen Quiller


Stephen Quiller, Juror




Show Contents






Juror's Statement


It is indeed an honor and a privilege to judge the International Society of Acrylic Painter’s Exhibition. It was an interesting process and I learned a lot. I looked carefully and was open to paintings that took me a bit deeper and also looked for an overall body of work that would present a well-balanced acrylic exhibition. Acrylic is a versatile medium and can be expressed in many different ways and on different supports. However, most importantly, the medium should serve the statement; the technique and approach to the medium should serve the personal nature and expression of the work.


Art, by its very nature, is a very personal thing. There is not an absolute right or wrong, or formula. That is what is so exciting about the act of painting. Every work takes its own path and has its own unique journey. We, as artists, all live for those special moments when the paint, brush, paper or canvas, hand, mind, and eye, all merge and flow together and the image seems to come effortlessly and paint itself. Those special times happen when we are most deeply connected with our inner being. Thus these certain paintings will most demonstrate our uniqueness.


When I jury a show, I look for many things. I look for the way the artist has handled the technical end of the painting- things such as color, composition and the various elements of design. This is what I consider to be the craft of the painting. But beyond that, and most important, I look for the artist’s uniqueness of vision. This deals not with the subject, but with an individual energy and mark as well as a special way of seeing that is put down with paint on the support.


I applaud each and every artist that entered this show and congratulate the painters that have been accepted. It is a strong and beautiful exhibition. I wish all of you many new and exciting paintings and growth with your future work.



Stephen Quiller



International Open Online Show Awards


$1000..…Best of Show

$800……ISAP First Place

$600……ISAP Second Place

$400……ISAP Third Place

$200……ISAP Fourth Place

$100........ISAP Fifth Place

$500........Holbein Artist Materials*

$500……Vermont Art Supply*

$125……Jack Richeson and Co., Inc (two awards)*

$100……Matboard & More (two awards)*


* Awarded as a merchandise certificate


Artist Index



Sponsor Award

Christine AlferyRoad To The Mountains
Tim AmesCape Cod Victorian
Ali AryanCrosswiss #7First Place
Denise AthanasFANTASYHonorable Mention
Richard AtsattUTK # 2 Fishwood
Livia AyalPaul
Del-Bourree BachBuccaneers
Willow BanksWinter OceanJack Richeson & Co. Award
Jacqui BeckThe Balance
K. BellRed Handed
Susan BellWaterfall
Robert BissettRunning Horse
Charles Jos BivianoThe Divining Of The James River
Jennifer BlalackSeparation
William BrodyA Last Drink
Mandy BudanEbb and FlowHonorable Mention
Jessica CarderMoleculesHonorable Mention
Wayne ChunatCowbird
Jeanette ChupackWaiting
Melody ClearyAutumn Memories 3
Beatrice CloakeEphemeral
Linda CurtisGolden Poppies #1
Elaine Daily-BirnbaumOn the UpswingHonorable Mention
Jeanne de Campos-RousseauYosemite Falls in Spring
Carolyn DubuqueCaught
Sandra Duran WilsonStarburst
Kathy ElliottWild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away
Roxanne Fawcett'Painted Ponies - On The Run'
Christine FortnerOleander 1
Sunia GibbsAerial View
Elle GouldCosmic kitty
Sheila GrabarskyOrange SegmentFourth Place
Susan GrinelsBicHonorable Mention
Joseph GyurcsakBushwickMatboard and More Award
Lynne HardwickKazakh XV
Charles HarringtonGypsy
Kathy HildebrandtCaptured Memories IIHonorable Mention
Randy HonerlahAutumn WoodsHolbein Award
Debbie HughbanksFrisbee Retriever
John JasterSymphony in Color
Leslie JefferyThe Missing LocketHonorable Mention
Jean KalinPlum Wild
JoeRay KelleyLa Boca Facade #9
Ann KimCyclical
Lorena KloosterboerUntainted SolitudeFifth Place
Barbara KruppFlock, Stock and Barrel
Lee Kwong Tim JacksonForever GuardianThird Place
Karen LandriganStanding
Gordon LeePortrait of an Iconoclast
Tom LeedyDuende 2
Tai Meng LimRed Eggs
Ober-Rae LivingstoneEvery Moment
Nina MaguirePiazza San Marco, The Bird Lady
Yael MaimonLovers QuarrelJack Richeson & Co. Award
Patricia MathesDay's Beauty
Jinnie MaySitting on the Dock by the BayMatboard and More Award
Suzanne McCourtWriter's Block
Cynthia McCuskerVision
Tracy MillerWar Paint
Pat MoseukThe Forgotten
Debbi MurrayThe PerformanceHonorable Mention
Carol NelsonMarble Palisade
Hua NianWhere the Wild Things Glow
Mari OBrienGhost House
Victoria PierceValle de OROVermont Art Supply Award
isabella pizzanolabyrinth
Cathryn RaiaFlu Yellow Ruin
Meredith RegalCharleston
Mariana RoyuelaJust When It All Falls ApartSecond Place
Andy RussellDreaming
Suzanne SheldonStone
Dan SimoneauThe empires of the future are the empires of the mind
Cindy Sorley-KeichingerAt the Temple
Vita SorrentinoAtlantis
Dashuai SunMusicianBest of Show
Anri TsutsumiJava Joe's Jive
Randy Van DyckThe Bell of The Ball
Bonita VanMoorlehemHills Of California
Marty WalkerAlliance Bakery
Elaine Weiner-ReedLa Trahison Intime
Steve WildaHoned to imperfection
Linda WilderPanther Falls
Stephanie WilliamsCreede Series 10
Linda WiseIn The Manner of the Old Masters
Julia WolfeBetween the Garbage and the Flowers
Nancy YakiChartreuse and the February Sky
Kazue ZonSoil Awakening in Spring