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8th Annual ISAP International Exhibition

March 3 - May 30, 2005— Seattle, Washington

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Welcome to ISAP's 8th International Exhibition!

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One painting was chosen to grace the cover of the 8th Exhibition Catalog. That painting was
Birdman of Stratford, by Linda S. Gunn, founder of NAPA-USA, the predecessor
of ISAP, the International Society of Acrylic Painters.


Birdman of Stratford
30 x 22 in., acrylic on paper

Linda S. Gunn


Juror of the 8th Exhibition:
Robert Burridge


Juror's Statement

This handsome body of work exhibited here is a wondrous collection of the best ISAP artists. Their imagination and investment in their craft is commendable and represents the intentions of our first and official exhibit of the International Society of Acrylic Painters.

I have noticed that successful artists set their goals when it comes to expressing what they feel compelled to say. As a juror, I look for the artist's commitment in realizing their aspirations. I ask myself if their art experience and individual commitment was ordinary or was it exceptional. It's what I call the "WOW" Factor. The top award winners in this exhibit all stopped me in my tracks and stood out amongst the rest with a big WOW.

Although I tend to lean toward the risk-takers, I juried the art not on style, execution or skill level, but rather on artistic vision and the artist's own passion for creating and communicating their vision.

In my opinion, these wining artists are gifted people who see beyond the ordinary. I responded to art that draws me in, the ones I keep coming back to.

What is that something that draws me in? It's their passion for their art. Beethoven commented that it is not technique or skill level that matters...it's the passion.

A painting which did not receive an award did not simply because other art work stood out as "best." This competition was juried from all skill levels. That is what makes this show so superb. I have always said that if only the best birds int he forest sang, the trees would be very quiet.

I am honored to have been your juror for a such a dignified and expressive show.

Signed, R. Burridge




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24 x 18 in., acrylic on canvas

Robert Burridge


Winners of the 8th International Exhibition



Carol Jacobsen
ISAP Award, $1000



Here Comes Summer

Marjorie Rauch
Juror's Choice Award, Robert Burridge Studio, $250





Ruth Canada
Daler-Rowney Award, $1000 merchandise



The Porch Just Before Lunch

Kathleen Elsey
Masterpiece Artist Canvas Award, $1000 merchandise



Take Off

Kerne Erickson
M. Graham & Co. Award, $1000 merchandise



What's Up

Sally C. Evans
H. K. Holbein Award, $1000 merchandise



Channel Island

Richard M. Greene
Savoir-Faire Award, $500 merchandise



Summer Byway

Jerry Smith
Black Horse Fine Art Supply Award, $500 merchandise




Philip Hua
Savoir-Faire Award, $500 merchandise



Sweet Bed of Creek

Jill Peckelun
The Artist's Magazine Award, $250



Awareness Is the Coming Together

Lori Sears
Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Award, $200 merchandise



My Son the Marine

Patricia Davis
Connoisseur Brushes Award, $100 merchandise
Kroma Artist Acrylics Award, $100 merchandise



Winter Warmth

Louis O'Keefe
Jerry's Artarama Award, $100 merchandise
Kroma Artist Acrylics Award, $50 merchandise



Melting Snow

Beatriz Welch
Plein Air Magazine Award

[According to a blog of the International Plein Air Painters,
Plein Air Magazine is no longer published.]



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A Good Time Was Had by All!

Images left to right: A dramatic sculpture by the renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly, in the lobby of the Alexis Hotel at the time of the Exhibition; the attendees enjoying a festive banquet; Carol Jacobsen standing by her winning painting, Growth; members of the ISAP Board attending the Exhibition, including (l. to r.) Linda Gunn and Victoria Pierce (seated), and Misty Martin, Barbara Leites, Kate Burridge, and Evelyn Peters (standing).


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