8th Annual ISAP Signature Members Online Show

September - November 2014


Kate Burridge, Show Director



The Juror


Karen Vernon


Karen Vernon




Show Contents






Juror's Statement


In reviewing the artwork, it was evident that each artist is exploring the medium, pushing creatively and technically through the process.  As I reviewed each work, I looked first at mastery of medium and technical excellence.  Next, I analyzed the artwork’s composition, looking for tension and movement through the piece as well as the use of positive and negative space.  Many of the pieces of artwork offered visual and physical tactile experiences along with color tension that created delightfully intriguing passages. 

Throughout the review of the works, I found each artist exploring different elements of interest and each strongly stating their own individual focus and style.

This exhibition is of the highest caliber, breaking through barriers of the common.  It has been a delight and an honor to judge these works.  Congratulations to all.


Karen Vernon



Signature Show Awards

The awards for this show have been increased and a 5th place award was added.


$700……Best of Show

$600……First Place

$500……ISAP Second Place

$400……ISAP Third Place

$300……ISAP Fourth Place

$200.......ISAP Fifth Place

$150……Robert Burridge Studio

$130……Matboard & More and Creative Catalyst Productions Videos*

$100……Jack Richeson and Co., Inc.*

$100……Ampersand Art Supply*


* Awarded as a merchandise certificate


Artist Index



Sponsor Award

Denise AthanasGALAXY
Livia AyalLilacs
Skip BaileyVisalia Saddle On My Porch
Keith BarnettThe Sandbox
Jacqui BeckComfort Found
Mandy BudanSummer MedleyISAP 2nd Place
CC BurnettLife's a Birch!
Jeanette ChupackFishing Umbrellas
Melody ClearyWater's Edge
Bob CronkFishers at Rest
Marilyn DizikesSquare Within a Square
Chris DomanskiSecret Path 2
Frances DorrI Feel The Music!
Joan DorrillSinging Moon, #2
Rena DoudSaint and Sinner
Roberta DyerOne, Two, Three
Maureen FarrellPatchworkRobert Burridge Studio
Jan FilarskiFrank Like
Elizabeth Fontaine-BarrPalm Jungle
Christine FortnerSummer Cove
Sheila GrabarskyThe Clouds Can't Win
Susan GrinelsBCR 13
Karen HansenWhat Is, What Isn't
Tom HeflinNative #10ISAP 3rd Place
Kelli Money HuffThe Memory of Oceans
Carol HunsakerCalypso
Patton HunterSolace
Louisa W. JacobsLeaf Fossils #5
Kay Kok Chung OiPerception
Jessica KovanMy Winged Soul
Barbara KruppThe Mathematics Of LoveISAP 1st Place
Kathleen Tucker LandrethSavanna Camouflage
Ara Leites3LawsOfChaosTheory-ChanceChanceChance
Maggie LevyLimealicious
Nan McCarthyLittle Red Barn in the Snow
Kathleen MooneyAnother Tear the Sun Let FallISAP 5th Place
Mari O'BrienGhost House
Pamela OhnemusMiddayISAP 4th Place
Frank OlivaAboriginal Paths
Victoria Lynn PierceThe Day the Earth MovedJack Richeson & Co., Inc.*
Isabella Pizzanoarrogant
Ronald RaaschThunder over the Great Divide
Meredith RegalAnnunciation
Shirley RudolfEye Catcher
Susie Seitz KingLet Peace Bloom
Dan SimoneauI dream, therefore I becomeBest of Show
Ed SmileyTomorrow Never Knows
Carol StaubCurtain-Call
Vera TchikovaniHidden Agenda
Trice TolleHwy 154 Towards Los Olivos
Bonese Collins TurnerCocoon 1
Lorraine UlenCrescendo
Cheryl WaaleLiving in Full color
Carolyn H. WarmSunStorytellerAmpersand Art Supply*
Marti WhiteApertures XVIII
Ralph WhiteSierraMatboard & More and Creative Catalys Productions Videos*
Terry WidenerReady For Work
Barbara WilliamsFlower Of Joy
Louis ZobeckThe Cheer Leaders