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9th Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition

January 19 - March 12, 2006 — Cornell Museum of Art and History, Delray Beach, FL

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All Dressed Up Klein, Toby Barth, Carolyn Reflection
Alluvial Terrace Seymour, Jean Bertrand, Carol Faces
Amelia Thomas, Erma Betleyoun, Clarence Blue Waters
American Graffiti Raasch, Ronald Betleyoun, Clarence The Intruder
Amorphous Geller, Gloria Betts, Barbara J. The Violinist
Arbor Vita Huber, Gerard Bodner, Rita Blue Reef
Archetypes II Silva Dall'Orto, Lucy V. Bodner, Rita Predators
Ardor II Soule, Norma Bonese, Collins Turner Ongoing Concerns #10
Art No. 8 Frye, Carol Bursik, Merribeth Galactic Odyssey
Art Room 3 - Painting Lauric, Oana C
B Cairns, Pat X-scape
Barn Eaves Peckellun, Jill Canalizo, Lee Ku
Bilbao Revisited Willging, Gerry Cardamone, Tom The Missing Napkin
Blue Reef Bodner, Rita Chung, Helene Heehyoun Tango #1
Blue Waters Betleyoun, Clarence Chuside, Evette Falcon's Flight
Boogie Woogie Lee, Gloria D. Crosby, William M. Quarry
Buffalo Point Harrington, Charles Custer, Maxine Ethnic Images
By the Sea Nelson, William S. D
C Davis, Pat Washington Intrigue
Celebration III Gossman, Joanne Dazzio, Judith B. Hollow 4 - The Children
Circle Gets the Square Staub, Carol A. Dews, Pat Richmond Letters
E Drewry, Anne Tsunami
Emanate Hua, Phillip F
Ethnic Images Custer, Maxine Fernandez, Peggy La Flor
Everglade Evening Folks, Mariska Mary Folks, Mariska Mary Everglade Evening
F Frost, Donna Fiesta
Faces Bertrand, Carol Frye, Carol Art No. 8
Falcon's Flight Chuside, Evette Fuller, Donna Steger No Fear
Fiesta Frost, Donna G
Flutteraround Tyson, Suzanne Gallant, Nissan The Conversation
Food for Thought Grodsky, Sheila Garlock, Jaclyn I Love the Colorful Clothes...
Fossil with Patterns Mehaffey, Mark E. Geller, Gloria Amorphous
G Goldman, Ben Reunion
Galactic Odyssey Bursik, Merribeth Gossman, Joanne Celebration III
Garnti Oriental Pierce, Victoria Grace, Linda Legends of the Southwest Fall
H Grace, Linda Sophisticated Lady
High Top Sitts, Jan Grodsky, Sheila Food for Thought
Hollow 4 - The Children Dazzio, Judith B. H
I Harrington, Charles Buffalo Point
I Love the Colorful Clothes... Garlock, Jaclyn Hinojosa, Albino Matched Set
Invidere Huber, Gerard Hinojosa, Albino Sewing Shelf
Iowa Rose, Michael W. Hua, Phillip Emanate
K Huber, Gerard Arbor Vita
Kiva Zobeck, Louis Huber, Gerard Invidere
Ku Canalizo, Lee J
L Janov, Danie Ledges and Leaves - Red
La Flor Fernandez, Peggy Johnson, Mary Pink Bird
Ledges and Leaves - Red Janov, Danie K
Legends of the Southwest Fall Grace, Linda Kalin, Jean Out of Africa - Protea
Liberty Kloosterboer, Lorena Kelley, JoeRay The Lady with Pearl Earrings
M Kenyon, Barbara G. Nineteen Twenty Two
Matched Set Hinojosa, Albino Klein, Toby All Dressed Up
N Kloosterboer, Lorena Liberty
Nineteen Twenty Two Kenyon, Barbara G. L
No Fear Fuller, Donna Steger Lauric, Oana Art Room 3 - Painting
Nocturne Welch, Betty Lawless, Ella Walkin' and Squakin'
O Lee, Gloria D. Boogie Woogie
Ojai Meditation Skogsberg-Sanders, Joan Leites, Ara Up-Down In-Out
Ongoing Concerns #10 Bonese, Collins Turner Lindblom, Michelle Rooted Dialogue
Out of Africa - Protea Kalin, Jean M
P Mabius, Cathy H. Sunset - May 26
Pink Bird Johnson, Mary Martin, Misty Westminster Abbey
Pink Lady Slippers McCarthy, Nan McAuliffe, Michael San Juan Capistrano
Predators Bodner, Rita McCarthy, Nan Pink Lady Slippers
Procenium Phillips, LaVerne McIntyre, Barbara Baker Spirit Cloud
Q Mehaffey, Mark E. Fossil with Patterns
Quarry Crosby, William M. Morris, Priscilla Rebuilt
Rebuilt Morris, Priscilla Nelson, William S. By the Sea
Reflection Barth, Carolyn O
Reunion Goldman, Ben Ohnemus, Pamela Shooting Star II
Richmond Letters Dews, Pat P
Roaring Sun Patton, Diane F. Patton, Diane F. Roaring Sun
Rooted Dialogue Lindblom, Michelle Peckelun, Jill Barn Eaves
Roses and Turtles... Sardisco, Joy Phillips, LaVerne Procenium
S Pierce, Victoria Garnti Oriental
San Juan Capistrano McAuliffe, Michael Poole, Tom Secret Lover
Scream VII Ruggles, Joanne Beaule Q
Secret Lover Poole, Tom Quinones, Dawn Songs of Mountain
Sewing Shelf Hinojosa, Albino R
Shooting Star II Ohnemus, Pamela Raasch, Ronald American Graffiti
Songs of Mountain Quinones, Dawn Ressel, Richard P. The Ocean's Bounty
Sophisticated Lady Grace, Linda Rose, Michael W. Iowa
Spirit Cloud McIntyre, Barbara Baker Ruggles, Joanne Beaule Scream VII
Storm on the Horizon Tiller, Don S
Summer Haven Smith, Jerry Sardisco, Joy Roses and Turtles...
Sunset - May 26 Mabius, Cathy H. Segrest, Jane Gillis Tropical Delight
T Seymour, Jean Alluvial Terrace
Tango #1 Chung, Helene Heehyoun Silkey, Michelle M. The Red Pony
The Conversation Gallant, Nissan Silva Dall'Orto, Lucy V. Archetypes II
The Intruder Betleyoun, Clarence Sitts, Jan High Top
The Lady with Pearl Earrings Kelley, JoeRay Skogsberg-Sanders, Joan Ojai Meditation
The Missing Napkin Cardamone, Tom Smith, Jerry Summer Haven
The Ocean's Bounty Ressel, Richard P. Soule, Norma Ardor II
The Red Pony Silkey, Michelle M. Staub, Carol A. Circle Gets the Square
The Violinist Betts, Barbara J. Stickley, Mary Ellen Yellow Bicycle
The Water Trough Tolle, Trice T
Tropical Delight Segrest, Jane Gillis Thomas, Erma Amelia
Tsunami Drewry, Anne Thomas, Sandy Velazquez Redux
U Tiller, Don Storm on the Horizon
Up-Down In-Out Leites, Ara Tolle, Trice The Water Trough
V Tyson, Suzanne Flutteraround
Velazquez Redux Thomas, Sandy W
W Welch, Betty Nocturne
Walkin' and Squakin' Lawless, Ella Willging, Gerry Bilbao Revisited
Walk in Cristo's Park Wyatt, Mary K. Wyatt, Mary K. Walk in Cristo's Park
Washington Intrigue Davis, Pat Z
Westminster Abbey Martin, Misty Zobeck, Louis Kiva
X-scape Cairns, Pat    
Yellow Bicycle Stickley, Mary Ellen    


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