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9th Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition

January 19 - March 12, 2006 — Cornell Museum of Art and History, Delray Beach, FL

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Juror: Pat Dews, AWS, NWS

Visit Pat's website at http://www.patdews.com/.

[The following material is borrowed from Pat's website and other Web sources.]



Pat Dews, a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, the National Collage Society and the National Association of Women Artists, and an elected member of the New Jersey Watercolor Society.

Dews creates experimental works in watermedia on paper and canvas. She paints the abstract essence of nature. The shapes and textures of flowers, rocks, water and crumbled walls are translated into richly layered paint surfaces. Collage is often integrated. Dews skillfully juggles organic and geometric forms, transparent and opaque paint - all held together by a basic abstract underlying shape. It is this intricate dance, rendered in strong color and value, which produces her award-winning paintings. When Pat paints, it is a lively, fascinating performance as she shows that, with the simplest tools, less can become more, much more.

Pat is an enthusiastic, popular instructor, teaching workshops internationally. She takes great delight in her students' many successes. Her work has been recognized by the American Watercolor Society's High Winds Medal, The Mario Cooper Award, the Silver Medal of Honor awarded by the New Jersey Water Color Society, and the Liquitex Art Merchandise awarded by the National Watercolor Society, among other honors.

Pat is the author of Creative Composition & Design (The Painter’s Workshop), 2003, and Creative Discoveries in Watermedia, 1998, published by North Light Books. Her work has appeared in numerous books and publications. Dews’ video, Designing Great Starts with Texture and Form is available through Cheap Joes Art Stuff.

Pat lives in Hobe Sound, Florida and spends summers in Southold, New York.



Her paintings are included in the following publications:

  • Splash 1: 1991
  • Splash 2: "Watercolor Breakthroughs"
  • Splash 4: "The Splendor of Light," Rachel Wolf, Editor, 1996
  • Creative Collage Techniques, Nita Leland and Virginia Lee Williams, 1994, published by North Light Books
  • Best of Watercolor, Painting Light & Shadow, Sara M. Doherty, Editor, 1997, Rockport Publishers, Inc.
  • Exploring Color , revised edition, 1998, Nita Leland
  • Sources of Inspiration, "Watercolor '89," an American Artist Publication
  • "Trial and Error Painting, Watercolor Magic," Spring 1996, from The Artist's Magazine
  • Abstract Environments, Catherine Noonan, "Watercolor," Winter 2001 Issue, an American Artist Publication.

The following are some examples of Pat's work:

Spindrift II

28.5 x 41.75 in.
mixed media


Richmond Letters

22 x 30
mixed media


Acadia Remembered


Snow Ridge


Cliff Study




Pansies Southampton





Creative Composition & Design
(The Painter’s Workshop)

North Light Books, 2003


Creative Discoveries in Watermedia

North Light Books, 1998



The following is a clip from Pat's DVD, Designing Great Starts with Texture & Form by Pat Dews,
sponsored by Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, where the DVD can be purchased.
The clip can be found at YouTube.





Pat has also originated a unique and practical device for artists who wish to apply an airbrush-like technique
on a limited scale and without investing in airbrush equipment.

It's known as Pat Dew's Atomizer.

You can see it in operation in the above video clip. If you want more information about the Atomizer,
you can visit the following websites:

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff

Larry's Art



Pat also gives workshops which are reputed to be high-energy and packed with good information.
See Pat's website for a full and up-to-date schedule.

Here are some snapshots of a workshop in progress, borrowed from a participant's blog, which was held
at the Greenville Arms, an inn dating from 1889. This workshop was given in September, 2008.




Looks like fun!


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