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2nd Annual All-Member Online Exhibition

Accepted Works and Winners Announced October 24, 2017


John Salminen, AWS DF, NWS

Juror Statement

I’d like to thank Dan Simoneau and the International Society of Acrylic Painters for inviting me to play a role in the 2017 Exhibition.  Thank you also to all of the artists who shared their outstanding work.

The jurying process is subjective.  I view all of the work as many times as possible before making any decisions and even then, my decisions are subject to change.  Sometimes highly technical paintings attract my immediate attention but become less interesting with repeated viewings.  Conversely, more subtle paintings can gain prominence as their strengths have time to assert themselves. 

Once I begin the selection process, I think in terms of including rather than excluding work.  Familiarity with the field of paintings and the individual pieces is critical.  Included work should be technically competent and should have something to say through form and content.  I enjoy and value all of the varied approaches and styles evident in the contemporary painting medium and the selection process was both satisfying and difficult.

I’m proud to be associated with this collection of wonderful paintings.  Viewers are in for a treat as they experience the depth, breadth and scope of today’s acrylic medium.  Thank you to all of the artists for sharing their visions.

Online All-Member Show Awards

Cash Awards:

Best of Show – $800.00 – Marc Hanson – Sliver 2
First Place – $700.00 – Tom Heflin – The Last Chapter
Second Place – $500.00 – Kathy Traeger – The Infamous Crow
Third Place – $300.00 – Dan Simoneau – Bag of Grannys
Fourth Place – $200.00 – Michael Sawecki – A Terrible Shape III
Fifth Place – $100.00 – Nancy Yaki – Loud Love
Honorable Mention (4) – $50.00 each – Kathy Hildebrandt – Players & Performers
                                                                        Lee Kwong Jackson Lee – back home
                                                                        Jinnie May – Just Pretend You Understand
                                                                        Yael Maimon – Dinner is Served

Donor Awards (merchandise/certificates):

HK Holbein Award of Excellence – $500.00 – Denise Athanas – IT IS MAGIC VIII
M Graham & Co. Award (paint set) – $300.00 – JoeRay Kelley – HELLO, Mr. Sunshine
Jack Richeson & Co. Award – $100.00 – Jason Sacran – City Limits
Ampersand Art Award – $100.00 – Karen Landrigan – Flying
Golden Artist Colors Award – $100.00 – Lynne Hardwick – Nomad’s Vision III
Savoir Faire (merchandise set) – $89.00 – Angela Bandurka – A Moment Alone
Creative Catalyst Productions Award – DVD certificate – Ronald Raasch – Georgia Pacific Paper Mill