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Show Eligibility and Regulations

Guidelines for all ISAP Exhibitions:

  • Competitions are open to all artists over the age of 18 and working in the acrylic medium on any surface: paper, canvas, board, etc.
  • Collage or mixed media is acceptable if it comprises LESS THAN 20% of the work.
  • Artist’s original work only (NO prints or digital work should be submitted for physical shows). No copies or likenesses of other artists’ work, including published source or reference not attributable to the artist, should be submitted. (Google: copyright standards)
  • No work created in workshops or in classes led by an artist instructor is eligible. (Google: copyright standards)
  • No work previously exhibited in any ISAP show may be submitted.

Guidelines for ISAP Physical Exhibitions:

  • Failure to exhibit the accepted piece brings a two-year restriction on entering ALL other ISAP shows.
  • All paintings become subject to the procedures and regulations of ISAP and the exhibiting gallery upon receipt at the gallery. No painting received may be removed for any reason prior to the end of the exhibition.
  • Maximum frame size is 40” in any direction.
  • Minimum frame size is 140 square inches (multiply length x width).
  • Tracking shipped work to the show is the artist’s responsibility.
  • Liability
  • All artists whose work is selected for physical shows will receive instructions for shipping and delivery. The utmost care will be taken in handling works of art. ISAP and gallery representatives will not be responsible for damage or loss, whatever the cause.
  • Artists should carry their own insurance. Submitting a work of art to this exhibition shall constitute an agreement on the part of the artist to comply fully with the conditions and terms set forth in the Prospectus and/or the International Society of Acrylic Painters web site as well as in the Acceptance Form.

Signature Membership

  • Signature Membership is attained with ONE acceptance in the Annual Open Exhibition or TWO acceptances in the ONLINE Open International Show.
  • Submitting dues for the year of acceptance ensures Signature Membership, and dues must be submitted annually to maintain this honor.

Signature Master Membership

  • Signature Master Membership is attained by signature members earning points for awards in any of ISAP’s juried exhibitions. Upon attaining 10 points, the signature member becomes a signature master. Points are accrued as follows:
    • 5 Points – Best of Show
    • 4 Points – First Place
    • 3 Points – Second Place
    • 2 Points – Third Place
    • 1 Point – Any Other Award
  • Dues must be submitted annually to maintain this honor.

All ISAP prospectuses and communications as well as newsletters will be sent directly to your protected personal email address henceforth.