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ISAP Website FAQ

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Q. Why are there two ISAP websites and what do I use them for?

A. The Society uses for membership maintenance and website updates. Information from the Wild Apricot site is now incorporated into the main site,, and you can now join and log into Wild Apricot from the main site. Look for buttons on the pages.
The ISAP website at WildApricot ( has many features which are now incorporated into the main website that you may not be aware of. Use these features by logging in through the isap-online site.

  • Search the Directory to find other ISAP members
  • Read announcements and newsletters
  • Send messages to other members or ISAP staff (contact us)
  • Manage your membership profile
  • Create an artist biography and upload a personal image
  • Create a gallery
  • Update your email address and contact information
  • Pay your annual membership fees

Q. How do I use the Member features of the website?

A. Watch the Member self-service guide video here

Q. Why am I not getting any email from ISAP?

A. The Society’s primary mode of communication with the Membership is email. All members should promptly log into the new website at and update their email address whenever it changes. Also be certain that your email filter, if you have one, is not putting our email into your Spam folder.  

Q. How do I find other ISAP members in my area?

A. Use the Directory search feature.

  • Point your browser at When you get there navigate to the Artist Directory page (hover your mouse pointer over ‘Membership’ in the menu bar and click on ‘Directory’ in the drop-down  list).
  •  In the ‘Search:’ box enter the name of a city or state, or part of a name. In the screenshot below ‘texas’ was entered in the search box. Take a look at the search results. Now try it yourself. Enter then name of your state in the search box or enter your city, such as Dallas. Now that you know who’s nearby you can organize informal meet-ups or Events.

       Note: If you login to you will see additional information in the Directory search results such as email address. Only members can view other members email addresses in the Directory.